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Who doesn’t know this legendary hero? Almost everyone might know it. But what is the origin of Superman? This time Dafunda Comics will discuss the origin of Superman, Superman power and other things that you might not know.

The origin of Superman comes from a distant planet called Krypton. The planet has been destroyed by the act of the Krypton creature itself. Superman was still a baby and was sent by plane by his parents before all the Krypton planets were destroyed.

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The Superman family includes. Jor-El (Superman’s biological father), Lara (Superman’s biological mother), Kara Zor-El (cousin / Supergirl), Zor-El (uncle), Alura In-Zee (Bibi), Jonathan Kent (Superman’s adoptive father), Martha Kent (Superman’s adoptive mother), Lois Lane (Superman’s wife), Jonathan Samuel Kent (Superman’s son).

Superman has 2 names, first the name given by his biological father, namely Kal-El. And the name is given when he was adopted by the Kent family, namely Clark Kent.

Little Kal-El was later adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent from a village called Smallville, which was in Kansas. Growing up as Clark Kent, he dedicated his life to helping others with the strength he gained from the Sun.


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He moved to Metropolis and became Superman. Superman hides his identity as Clark Kent, a news journalist who works for the Daily Planet.

Superman’s power

Superman is blessed with the ability to fly, has extraordinary strength and is almost perfect, he can only be hurt by something from a Kryptonite stone. Superman also has eyes that can fire hot lasers, can see from the largest size to microscopic or smallest size, can function as x-rays and radio waves. He could hear people from an unexpected distance.

He also has lungs that can survive even without oxygen. And the last ability was the ability to freeze something when he blew enough air from his mouth.

Superman is one of the strongest superheroes of DC Universe, has various superpowers and abilities that make it respected by opponents and friends. Next Dafunda comics will provide a complete list of Superman’s strengths:

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  1. Fly

Superman power

The first Superman power is being able to produce a gravitational field that allows him to fly and float. Superman can fly at supersonic speeds (more than 2000 miles per second). Whereas in space, it is capable of moving at superluminal speeds (faster than light).


  1. Immune

Superman’s body is immune to various attacks. The limits of Superman’s body resistance tend to change. He has been shown to be able to withstand nuclear missile attacks, approaches the Sun’s Earth without being hurt, withstand the effects of star explosions and the explosion of 50 supernovas even after the previous red Sun weakened.

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  1. Super stamina

Superman has unlimited stamina as long as he continues to be exposed to the Yellow Sun.

  1. Super hearing

Superman is able to hear various sounds in various frequencies. He is also able to hear sounds from a very distant place and choose which sounds to hear.

  1. Heat Vision

superman heat vision power

Superman is able to produce heat rays from his eyes. It can make this ray invisible and reduce its scale to microscopic. The heat vision he has is able to burn and melt whatever he wants.

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  1. Supervision

Superman has various advantages in its eyesight, such as X-Ray vision, viewing distances like a telescope, seeing very small objects like a microscope, and being able to see radio and electromagnetic waves.

  1. The Body Is Able To Absorb And Store Solar Energy

Superman’s body is able to absorb energy from sunlight. His body continually absorbs and saves which gives him various superpowers, such as extraordinary physical strength, super five senses, and the ability to ward off gravity.


  1. Super speed

superman power

Superman is able to fly and move very fast. Although capable of moving beyond the speed of light. Superman’s maximum speed limit has never been measured, which is certainly not as fast as Flash.

  1. Extraordinary Physical Strength

Superman is able to lift the heaviest burden that humans cannot imagine. The maximum load that can be lifted is not known until now, indicating that the alien from Krypton is almost able to lift objects of any weight (even known to be able to lift loads weighing 1 billion tons).

  1. Super Breath / Ice Breath

Superman is able to suck large amounts of air and store it in the lungs for some time. He can use the air to create hurricanes or reduce his temperature to become very cold.

  1. Longevity

superman power

In some versions of the story, the Krypton people are shown to be able to live long with little aging as long as they are exposed to yellow sunlight.

  1. Super smell

On several occasions, Superman was shown to be able to smell smells from all over the world.


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