5 Worst Moments of Avril Lavigne in ‘Hello Kitty’ Clip



Avril Lavigne is still inundated with cursing thanks to her latest controversial single and clip, Hello Kitty.

Chad Kroeger’s wife is indeed surprisingly slouchy from the girl who was once known as a gothic rocker to become a colorful hello kitty.

There are so many things that can be said to be very bad in Avril’s work which is incorporated in this album AVRIL LAVIGNE (2013).

Starting from the song to the visuals in the clip itself.

Well, we’ve collected five of the worst things you’ll find in the clip. Anything? Check the list!

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  1. Expression Dancer

Normally, a companion dancer in a clip or stage performance always makes a smile. Even though they are ‘only’ supporting roles, but making a smile to the viewers is something that is crucial.

Well, in the latest clip of Avril, Hello Kitty, some female dancers behind Avril showed absolutely no expression. Throughout the song the clip appears with dead eyes and mouth tightly locked.


  1. stylish like a rocker

For the problem of the ability to play the guitar, it must be admitted if Avril is not an abusive guitarist. In the past, every pose he did with the guitar looked very sexy and seductive.

For some reason, when Avril played his pink guitar with styles that were shocking in Hello Kitty’s clip, he did not look as sexy as before. What’s there, it actually looks a little silly, because the song itself isn’t rocky.

If only the Hello Kitty song had rocked like its old singles, the 29-year-old singer must have looked much more seductive. But for some reason, Avril used to not be like it used to be.

Maybe you have a different opinion? Put your opinions below!


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  1. Excessive overacting

Avril used to be known to always look cool and very mysterious in almost all of her old clips. But now he acts like a 13-year-old boy who just got a birthday present.

More precisely in one of the Hello Kitty clip scenes when Avril ordered sushi (traditional Japanese food). The thing that should have been quite ordinary, he actually looked excited while clapping his hands and shaking his body.

Did Avril have never eaten sushi before so he looked like a child when he was treated to the dish? Or is he deliberately styled like that to make it look cute?

You must have your own opinion on this matter.


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  1. Acting like a Queen

In another scene, Avril walks in the middle of the streets of Japanese with her expressionless dancers. What made him hit with scathing criticism was his pose as if it were a princess.

The girl who had married the vocalist of Sum 41, Derick Whibley waved one hand towards the pedestrian around with a little arrogance in his expression. What’s more, behind Avril the dancers joined in waving their hands expressionlessly.

This also provoked anger from Asians because it was considered racist and insulting. If you think it’s normal or …?

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  1. Strange Fashion

Pink and pink, mixed with cakes and sweets in the background, that’s the style and theme of the Hello Kitty Avril clip. That is certainly quite striking, especially those fans of Avril the rocker.

We see from above, Avril’s hair often looks sexy, now it’s like a colorful picture book. Downstairs, he was seen wearing a black bustier suit and a very mismatched skirt.

What needs to be remembered is that Avril is almost 30 years old. Look at the pink skirt and decorated with the cakes, it feels like it’s inappropriate, right?

How do you think about this super controversial clip at the beginning of 2014? For those of you who haven’t watched the clip, check below and write your comment!

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