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Definition of Drawing Forms in Fine Art Completely – Forms in nature are very diverse in type and style. These shapes can be in the form of squares, rounds, squares, triangles, and irregular free shapes such as leaves, flowers, trees, stones and so on. Natural forms and shapes of objects around can be used as inspiration in drawing shapes. Then what is meant by drawing the shape?

Drawing form is an activity of object object drawing in accordance with the actual situation. That is, in drawing objects objects are drawn in accordance with the actual conditions both in shape, texture, color and brightness.

Thus, drawing shapes is a form idea that is manifested into two-dimensional objects using hand skills with media points, lines, shapes, fields, colors, dark light and textures made by paying attention to the accuracy of shapes, proportions, compositions and perspectives so as to produce works that beautiful.

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In principle, the term form image is only intended for the activity of drawing inanimate objects which are often known as “Still life”, while the activity of drawing human objects is known as “drawing a model”. Drawing activity is not the same as illustrating or drawing expressions, because:

Drawing shapes must be done by looking at objects directly, not justified if the image is the result of imagination.

Drawing forms requires observation, accuracy, and understanding the details of elements of art so that the results of the image look like the original form.

In drawing shapes, you have to look at the parts that are exposed to the sun (brightly) so that the shadow, the darkness of the objects can be drawn according to the actual form.


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Variety of Shape Image Objects

Shape image objects are various types of objects both natural objects and man-made objects. Various forms of objects can be distinguished in the form of Geometric objects (regular and measurable objects) and Nongeometris (irregular / free objects). While according to the shape of the angle and the shape of the field of an object can be divided into five forms, including the following.

  1. Cubistic form

The cubistic shape is the forms of objects that have the basic shape of cubes and beams. Example. desk, chair, TV, refrigerator, radio, etc.

  1. Shape of astigmatism

Cylindrical shapes are objects that have a cylindrical or cylindrical base. Example. bottles, glasses, flasks, cans, etc.

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  1. Free Form

Free forms are objects that have an irregular or free base shape. Example. fruit, flowers, leaves, stones, etc.

  1. Form the Pyramids and Cones

The shape of the pyramid and cone are the shapes of objects with the basic shape of the pyramid or the pointed top. The shape of the pyramid has sides with triangular shapes, while the shape of the cone is a basic shaped object such as pyramid but not side by side. Example. domes, Egyptian pyramids, trumpets, and others.

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  1. Ball or Round Shape

Spherical or spherical shapes are objects that have a rounded base like a ball and the inside looks full. Example. Watermelon, ball, globe, and so on.

Thus our discussion of “Understanding Complete Drawing in Fine Art”. Hopefully, this article is useful for readers.


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