A Short Story About Of Princess Rapunzel

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At one time, there lived a husband and wife who really wanted the presence of a child, but had not yet gotten any children. Behind their house, there was a small window that led to a beautiful garden covered with a large wall and no one dared to enter the park because the park belonged to a very feared witch.

Once when his wife stood on her window and looked at the park, she saw a garden full of rampion flowers that looked so fresh and green that she wanted it very, very much. After a few days, disappointed and knowing that he would not get the rampion, he became sick and pale. Her husband became anxious and asked, “What’s my wife?” “Ah,” his wife answered, “if only I could get rampion from the park next to the house.” The husband who loved his wife thought, “Whatever happens, I have to bring rampion to my wife.” So when it was late, he climbed the garden wall, quickly took rampion and took it to his wife. His wife then made a salad (vegetable) and ate it with pleasure. His wife was very fond of the rampage so he asked her husband to bring him three times more rampage than before.


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The Prince asked Rapunzel to stretch his hair down. His husband had to enter the garden once more. In the darkness of the night, he climbed the wall, and that’s when the husband was overcome with fear because he saw the Witch standing in front of him. “You are really brave,” he said angrily, “entered my garden and stole my rampion? You will suffer because of that!”

“Ah,” replied the poor man, “Forgive me. I only did it because I was forced. My wife saw your rampion from the window, and had the desire to eat it.”

Then the Witch, who became a little relieved of her anger, said to her, “If it is true as you say, I will allow you to take as much rampion as you want, on one condition, you must give me the child born to your wife. the child well, and I will apply like a mother to that child “.

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This poor, frightened man approves of the Witch’s requirements, and when the baby is born, the Witch appears, gives the baby Rapunzel’s name, then takes her away.

Rapunzel grew to be a very beautiful child. When he was an adult, the Witch locked him in a tower located in the forest and did not have stairs or doors, except for a small window. When the Witch will go up to the tower, he will stand down and say:

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,

Give your hair down for me. ”

Rapunzel, who has very long and beautiful hair like gold thread, when he hears a witch’s voice, he will untie his hair, roll it on a hook in the window, then let his hair stretch down, so the Witch can climb up to the tower.

After a year or two living in the tower, a prince rode along the forest and arrived near the tower. At that time the Prince listened to a song so melodious that he could only stand still and listen to the song. The song was sung by Rapunzel who in his time spent his time singing a melodious song.

Prince became very eager to climb up the tower, and he searched the tower door, but there was no door to be found by him. He then drove to go home, but Rapunzel’s singing touched his heart, so every day he went to the forest and listened to him. Once, he stood behind a tree, he saw the Witch who came there, and he listened to the witch say,

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,

Give your hair down for me. ”

Then Rapunzel extended his hair down, and the Witch went upstairs.

“If that’s the way to go upstairs, I’ll try it later,” he said to himself, and the next day, when it was getting dark, he went to the tower and said:

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,

Give your hair down for me. ”

As soon as Rapunzel extended his hair, the Prince rose.

At first, Rapunzel was very frightened when he saw a man he had never seen, but the prince talked to him softly like a friend and said that his heart was not calm when he didn’t see Rapunzel after listening to Rapunzel sing.

Then Rapunzel loses his fear, and when the Prince asks if he is willing to be her husband, Rapunzel sees that the Prince is young and handsome, he thinks, “This Prince will be my husband and will love me more than the love of my adoptive mother, “Rapunzel agreed to the Prince, and said,

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“I am willing to go with you, but I do not know how to go down. Bring me a silk scroll every time you come, and I will weave a rope with the silk, and when the rope is ready, I will go down, and you can take me to your palace. ”

They both agreed that the Prince would come to him every night because the old Witch always came in the afternoon. The Witch never knew anything about this, until one day, Rapunzel said to her, “Tell me, mother, why when I pull you up, you are much heavier than the Prince?”

In an instant, the Witch got angry and said “Ah! I think I have separated you from the outside world, but you have deceived me!” In his anger, he gripped Rapunzel’s long hair, wrapped it around his left hand, took a pair of scissors, and sniped it, cut the hair so that the beautiful hair lay on the floor. And he cruelly took poor Rapunzel to a desert, where he had to live in sadness and misery.

On the same day, after expelling Rapunzel, at night, the magician tied the hair he had cut to the hook of the window, and when the Prince said:

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel,

Give your hair down for me. ”

The Witch let the hair extend down. When the Prince rises, he does not find Rapunzel whom he loves above, all he sees is the Witch who looks at him with an evil gaze.

“Aha!” the Witch mocked. “You will take away the woman you love so much, but unfortunately the beautiful bird is no longer there and sings in its nest. A cat has taken it away, and this cat will also claw your eyes, so you won’t see Rapunzel again forever. ”


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The Prince felt hurt and desperate, he jumped down from the tower to escape the Witch, but the thorn in which he fell pierced his eyes and he became blind as the Witch had cursed. He also walked with eyes that were blind, the uncertain direction in the forest, did not eat anything except roots and fruit, and did nothing but moan and cry over the loss of his beloved wife.

The Prince walked aimlessly in a state of suffering for several years, and at one point, he arrived in a desert where Rapunzel was. At that moment, the Prince heard the sound of a song he was very familiar with, and he walked towards it. When the Prince approached, Rapunzel who saw him, immediately recognized him, hugged him and cried. Two years of tears came down soaking the eyes of the blind Prince, and at once, the Prince could see clearly as usual. The Prince also brought Rapunzel to his kingdom, where they lived and lived happily ever after.

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